the message ” host not found ”: this means that the internet connection does not reach well to your Valhallabox. ****
We recommend that you use an ethernet cable connection, from your router to the Valhallabox, since your router will give priority to Valhallabox.

If you use a wireless wifi connection, make sure your router is not too far from your Valhallabox, and that there are no obstacles between your Valhallabox and the router (examples: behind the television, in a cavity of the television cabinet, etc.). In this case, bring your Valhallabox closer to the router as close as possible.
Also make sure that the internet speed that goes to your Valhallabox is at least 10-15 mbps. A speed test showing a good speed does not mean anything. The speed test calculates the speed at your router, and not where your Valhallabox is. Example: you have 4 devices connected to your wifi connection, and your Valhallabox is 3 meters away the router. You ethernet company provides you 50 mbps. The speed at your Valhallabox will not be 50 mbps, because :
1- your Valhallabox is not connected with a wire to your router . It means that the ethernet is shared with the other devices connected

2- your Valhallabox is not next to the router : at the moment you start getting far away of your router, the speed and internet intensity will decrease.

The best initiative would obviously be a wired connection.

**** If you have programmed your Valhallabox yourself, or you have had to do a re-configuration, make sure that the URL portal you put has no errors. Click here to see the URL portal.

*** The same applies for an android box, or any other device you programmed yourself.